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Gardening Seminar

Gardening Seminar


Come and join author and gardener, Celeste Longacre, for a Power Point presentation on gardening at Achille Agway of Keene Saturday, May 4th at 10am. This 130+ photographic display details most aspects for a home plot. They include:

  • how to prepare the soil
  • adding soil amendments
  • using a broad fork to loosen the soil
  • how to plant seeds and transplants
  • which plants are frost-sensitive and which ones are not
  • how to tell if the plants need water
  • the importance of thinning
  • how to remove tomato suckers
  • companion planting for fewer bugs
  • how to identify and remove unwanted pests
  • the importance of weeding and the identification of many
  • how to stake the plants that need it
  • and more!