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Is it Time for Green Up Weed and Feed?

If you are in an area where temperatures are below 85°, then it is a perfect time to apply Green-Up Weed & Feed. Apply the product to a wet lawn, which allows the herbicide to stick to the weed leaves and destroy the root for good. Make sure that there is no rain in the forecast for 48 hours. (Do NOT apply Green-Up Weed & Feed when temperatures are above 85° or if it is very humid because it could injure the lawn. ) What Else Can I Do to Prevent Weeds?     Weeds thrive in soils with pH is below 6.2 and above 7.5.

Spring Garden Guide

Spring is a favorite season for many gardeners, and performing the proper tasks from late winter through late spring can help you enjoy a productive, bountiful growing season. In late winter… When a few warm days arrive late in winter, it's time to start thinking about spring gardening.