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Kathleen Deponte

I always find what i am looking for and if not, the staff are always so very helpful.  Love this place!

Remy Walker

This place has a great selection of plants in the spring and summer months. Definitely a great place to stop if you are a gardener of any level. They have everything from fertilizer to soil to pots and trellis. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Linda Barrow

I try to go here before I go to any other larger chain out of town. It is just big enough to have all I need, has great, knowledgeable staff, and a friendly local atmosphere. And why not support our local businesses! Dog, cat, small pet, large animal, yard, garden, and bird supplies. Often, I find quality things here I cannot find other places. 

Heddi Holmes

I have been shopping here for at least 16 years. The staff is always helpful and knowledgeable, the prices great, and the plants healthy!

Meghan Levesque

Lots of great things here especially for our dog and wildlife! Lots of yard decor and supplies too. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Julie Carwellos

I've been here often and enjoy it every time. Great pet and garden departments, plus an amazing selection of outdoor items - wind chimes, flags, furniture, pots and more. We always stop for horse wormers and bedding, so we go pretty often and the people who work there are very pleasant and knowledgeable.

Chris Ouellette

Always great service and prices are reasonable for the type of store that they are. Pets are welcome in the store as long as they are leashed and behaved which is fantastic. Large assortment of different food for all types of animals.

Cheryl Hood

Excellent local business here in Hillsborough. They have a really good selection of garden, pets supplies, wood pellets, seasonal need items and more.

The service is always good and they have very helpful and knowledgeable staff. One of our best shops in Hillsborough.
Nice to have this kind of selection without having to drive to Concord or Keene. 

Willard Campbell

We have been making purchases here for years.  It is always an enjoyable experience, great group of people to deal with, it is almost like family.  Highly recommend as the place to go.

Katie Horan

This is my favorite Agway. The people who work there are always super kind and helpful. They're always happy to see my dogs to give them treats!

Carrie Costa

Always friendly service.  Where I have bought 8 of my chickens and ducks in the past 3 years and never had a issue with them.

Great quality items

Eliot McLellan

In February I spotted the 'sugaring supplies' sign, so I went in and picked up a quadruplet of taps, with fast friendly service at a decent price; there is always something good to get, so much life, last year I picked up packets of pumpkin seeds and grew my first backyard pumpkins! amazing

Lynne Pitts

Staff is always friendly; if they don't know an answer they ask someone; they carry a wide variety of quality pet foods, bird food, yard maintenance and house products, and they have a rewards program for frequent buyers.  Always something interesting here!

Mark Day

Really a great place with a ton of products related to farm and home and garden. Very nice selection of plants and trees and flowers for your yard. I buy grain for my poultry and goats too. Nice people! Good prices.

Wylie Carlisle

Great spot for all gardening and outdoor home maintenance needs. During spring, there's always a nice selection of fruit trees with the proper temperate zone rating for southern VT.

Derek Bionelli

Great customer service, came in for a couple trees saw some new stuff and was given great detail as to these new items! I know have a larger variety of fruit trees!

Cynthia Mclaughlin

We get our dog food , new England wood pellets and so much more here. My boxer loves to go and visit

Zaza Shamsedin

I have been coming to Agway for many years and the staff here is always the best. Thanks Agway!

Stephen Clarke

excellent farm supply store with a small town feel.

Colleen McKeon

I usually only go into your Agway for my dog's food but honestly I was so taken back at how beautiful the plants and nursery were arranged!

It was pretty chaotic before-and just too hard to mull through everything to find what I wanted.
It was so beautiful and the woman there was so helpful!
I won't be driving 25 minutes to get my plants anymore!

Thanks!  And Nice job!

Charly LaChance

Great service and attitude. Competent, helpful staff. Will definitely become a regular customer.

Don and Nancy Rankin

Always helpful, good advice, friendly people. Great selection of pet, bird, and garden items

Brett Shaver

Great service, knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices.

Melissa Emberger

A wonderful Agway! Helpful staff and the Hearty Hen chicken feed is the best!

Amy NH

Great selection of supplies for farm, garden, and pets. Very helpful and friendly.